This page was last updated on:03/28/2009

Site changes made

08/10/08 Complete facelift of site including additional new material in the "Chameleon Origins" and "Chamaeleonidae  Family" sections

08/10/08 Photo galleries now have photos sorted by species only or the optional sorted by species then photographer

08/11/08 Added the new "Chameleon's Eye Outta Site AP" Award to the Chameleon's Eye Award Program

08/11/08 Updated Award Application Status Page for those who have applied for the Chameleon's Eye Award

08/12/08 Corrected some broken links created by the transition to the new look

08/15/08 Added "Through the Chameleon's Eye" website tutorial to the Chameleon's Eye Award Program

08/20/08 New Award Graphics for Chameleon's Eye

09/24/08 Added Chameleon's Eye navigation to bottom of AP pages

09/24/08 Processed all pending Chameleon's Eye Award applications and updated winners pages

09/26 Updated WSAPTRONIC level and information to reflect their new rating system

10/13 Added Secrets about Secrets to home page

10/15 Removed Secrets About Secrets - problem was fixed

10/25 Added Michael's Award of Excellence

12/14 Added Penmarric Best of the Best Silver 2008 Award

12/17 Added NovaSite! Award

3/24 Updated award application status page

3/28 Added Breeding page, sexing page, and How to Build a Screen Cage section. Also updated FAQ's