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Common Native Chameleons

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*Chamaeleo sp. *Fossil form
*Chamaeleo intermedius *Fossil Form
Chamaeleo Chamaeleo roperi Roper's
Chamaeleo Chamaeleo dilepis Flapneck or common
Chamaeleo Chamaeleo quilensis Senegal
Chamaeleo Chamaeleo laevigatus  
Chamaeleo Trioceros hoehnelii Hoe or High-Casqued
Chamaeleo Trioceros bitaeniatus Two-lined
Chamaeleo Trioceros ellioti Elliot's
Chamaeleo Trioceros tremperi Tremper's
Chamaeleo Trioceros jacksonii Jackson's
Chamaeleo Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii Jackson's
Chamaeleo Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus Jackson's or Xant
Chamaeleo Trioceros schubotzi    
Chamaeleo Trioceros marsabitensis  
Bradypodion excubitor  
Bradypodion tavetanum  
Rhampholeon Kerstenii kerstenii  
Rhampholeon Kerstenii robecchii  
Rhampholeon boulengeri  

Geographical/Topographical Information

Information from CIA World Fact Book

annual rainfall 20"-40"
avg. temperature in January over 68 degrees F.
avg. temperature in July 68 to 86+ degrees F.


sea level to *19,340 ft    avg. 2-6k ft


*Mt. Kilimanjaro



varies from tropical along coast to arid in interior 



low plains rise to central highlands bisected by Great Rift Valley; fertile plateau in west

Highest Point:
Mount Kenya 5,199 m

Lowest Point:
Indian Ocean 0 m

Natural Hazards:
recurring drought; flooding during rainy seasons   

Environmental Issues:
water pollution from urban and industrial wastes; degradation of water quality from increased use of pesticides and fertilizers; water hyacinth infestationLink will open in a new pop up window. in Lake Victoria; deforestation; soil erosion; desertification; poaching 


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