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Common Native Chameleons

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Chamaeleo Chamaeleo calcaricarens

Chamaeleo Trioceros affinis  
Chamaeleo Trioceros balebicornatus  

Geographical/Topographical Information

Information from CIA World Fact Book

annual rainfall 10" - 60"
avg. temperature in January 50 to over 68 degrees F.
avg. temperature in July 68 to 86+ degrees F.
topography sea level to 6500 ft  avg. 4-6k



tropical monsoon with wide topographic-induced variation



landlocked - entire coastline along the Red Sea was lost with the de jure independence of Eritrea on 24 May 1993; the Blue Nile, the chief headstream of the Nile by water volume, rises in T'ana Hayk (Lake Tana) in northwest Ethiopia; three major crops are believed to have originated in Ethiopia: coffee, grain sorghum, and castor bean

Highest Point: Ras Dejen 4,533 m

Lowest Point: Denakil Depression -125 m

Natural Hazards:
geologically active Great Rift Valley susceptible to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions; frequent droughts  

Environmental Issues:
deforestation; overgrazing; soil erosion; desertification; water shortages in some areas from water-intensive farming and poor management

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