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Step 4:

Make it "sticky" with FREE EXTRAs


send e-card - Opens in a new window All Yours - Opens in a new window Free Web Games - Opens in a new window

Free Stuff - Opens in a new window - Opens in a new window   submit express - Opens in a new window




"Perk" it up with some JavaScript:

100's of free JavaScripts organized by category so they can be easily found. Calendars, Date & Time, Document Effects, Dynamic Content, Iframe & Ajax, Form Effects, Games, Image Effects, Galleries, Mouseover, Slideshows
Links & Tooltips, Menus & Navigation, CSS Based, Multi-levels, Mouse and Cursor, Scrollers, Text Animations and more. Don't over do it and choose wisely. Some of these scripts, for example... disable right click, trailing cursors, taking control of window controls... can be annoying. 

  CGI SCRIPT - Opens in a new window    Dynamic Drive - Opens in a new window    Javascript kit - Opens in a new window




Step 6:

Add more value with free downloads like these: will open in a new window.

Download software from ZDNet Downloads - the largest online collection shareware, freeware and commercial demos for Windows 95/98/Me/2000. will open in a new window.

The Internet's largest collection of original animated clip art with over 15,000 original animations free for use on your personal web pages and email. Click on the categories to the left to get started. will open in a new window.

Your programming directory for scripts, source code, books, examples, help and more! Now with thousands of categorized listings in a searchable index. All for free. will open in a new window.

Free daily downloads for life. That is what you can expect from WebMasterFree, the premier internet newsletter for webmasters. Webmasterfree searches the web for the best freeware needed to improve your website and get more from your internet experience. There is no shortage of quality freeware on the internet, the trouble is finding it. Webmasterfree does all the legwork for you. Get the latest free downloads every day with Webmasterfree. Stay informed about all the latest freeware as it comes available. Get your free daily downloads for life with WebmasterFree! will open in a new window., Your Free Software Resource for the web's latest free software. Search or browse our site and discover loads of quality free software for all your computing needs. Download thousands of free software programs for Windows 3x/9x/NT/2K. Games, Utilities, Desktop, Mp3/Multimedia, Internet, Programming, and more! will open in a new window.

Tucows Downloads -  Download software from Tucows the largest online software download site. Tucows has over 45,000 software titles that are tested, rated, reviewed and ready to download. Tucows is your download destination for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and PDA freeware, shareware, and demos. Download screen savers, themes, utilities, browsers, games, kids software, and even learn HTML!


Wow! All that great FREE stuff. Don't forget YOUR content to go with it.

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