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Children's Books

 My Pet Lizards (All About Pets)

 Chameleon (Living Things)

 Chameleons And Other Animals With Amazing Skin

 Care for a Pet Chameleon


Basic Care and Information

 Chameleons in the Garden Great Pictures

 Chameleons (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

 The Guide to Owning a Chameleon

 Chameleon Handbook, The (Barron's Pet Handbooks)

 The General Care and Maintenance of True Chameleons Part 1 Husbandry

 Chameleons: Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, and Behavior

 Chameleons: Their Care and Breeding


Intermediate Care and Information

 Essential Care of Chameleons

 Jackson's and Veiled Chameleons: Facts & Advice on Care and Breeding (Reptile Keeper's Guide)

 Chameleons: Care and Breeding of Jackson's, Panther, Veiled, and Parson's (Advanced Vivarium Systems)

 The Panther Chameleon: Color Variation, Natural History, Conservation, and Captive Management

 The New Chameleon Handbook: Everything About Selection, Care, Diet, Disease, Reproduction,...

 Care & Breeding of Chameleons

 Chameleons - Volume II - Care & Breeding

 Chameleons: Care and Breeding of Jackson's, Panther, Veiled, and Parson's


Advanced Care and Information

 Chameleons: Nature's Hidden Jewels and

 Chameleons: Nature's Hidden Jewels (2nd Revised & Updated Edition)

 Stump-tailed Chameleons: Miniature Dragons of the Rainforest

 Chameleons of Southern Africa

 Masters of Disguise: A Natural History of Chameleons

 Chamaeleo calyptratus - The Yemen Chameleon NEW REVISED 2nd EDITION.

 Chameleons in Captivity (Professional Breeders Series)

Bibliography A list of sources cited on this website

Petr Necas Page  A collection of Petr Necas' works with descriptions and links to purchase the books.


Reptilia and Reptiles Magazines, The Advanced Vivarium System Books, T-Rex books and more


Reptiles (1-year)

Reptiles (2-year)

Reptiles Magazine


Reptilia - English Edition

Reptilia - Spanish Edition

Reptilia - Italian Edition

Reptilia Magazine


Websites - Link opens in a new windowThe website serves as an international center for the sharing of information regarding old world chameleons. The contributors represent the fields of herpetoculture, veterinary medicine, import-export, taxonomy, and animal behavior.

Chameleon Information Network - Link opens in a new window



We publish reports from the field on the chameleons of Madagascar and Africa in the CHAMELEON information Network Journal.  If you are interested in keeping chameleons as pets, please review these brief introductory information pages. Our diverse worldwide membership of more than 2,700 individuals has contributed a wealth of knowledge on the best and most successful methods of maintaining chameleons in captivity.

Online Publications

TheChameleons! Online E-ZineLink will open in a new window.

Chameleons E-zine - Opens in a new window

is an online publication (electronic magazine) with the most current information provided by “tops of their field” authors.

Also check out their reference articles at Chameleons Online will open in a new window.

Listserves & Forums

 AdchamLink will open in a new window. The ADCHAM list is designed for discussion between advanced Chameleon keepers. Beginners with less then two years experience should go to other list(s) for day to day husbandry advice, and communication. ADCHAM proceedings are available for reference, to anyone, through the archives.

ChamownersWeb CommunityLink will open in a new window.

ChamownersWeb Community - Link opens in a new window

This group discusses all aspects of Chameleon care from novice to advanced. It will also serve to enhance Chamowners Web website with member input (used with permission only). ForumLink will open in a new window.

Kingsnake forumHere you may post messages or questions pertaining to all aspects and issues regarding the keeping, breeding, health, and conservation of Old & New World Chameleons.
Don't forget to check out the chameleon subforums.


Chameleon ForumsLink will open in a new window.

Chameleon ForumChameleons - Learn and share knowledge about these unique creatures.

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