Your Cham's Diet


Methods of Feeding

One fun and interesting method of feeding is hand feeding. This is done by holding the bug either in forceps or your fingers, where the cham can see it. Give them time to find it and watch for the 5 phases of feeding (see MYTHS, MISCONCEPTIONS, AND FOLKLORE PAGE for explanation and pictures).

Another method is to free range the prey insects or let them loose in the cage. this method allows the chameleon to get exercise and to HUNT (they are natural hunters) for prey. Be sure not to leave loose prey insects in with a sick or injured chameleon. Some insects are very aggressive and a sick chameleon often is not willing or capable of self defense. This method can allow escapees if your enclosure is not tight walled. It also makes it difficult to monitor the animal's intake, but the hunting and exercise are both very beneficial to your animal.

Finally the last method bowl feeding, is done by placing the prey insects in a dish. You can use many different dishes, but make sure the feeder insects cannot easily escape. The obvious drawbacks to this method are that it does not allow the animal to hunt, nor create exercise for them. It does make it easy to monitor how much is eaten. This method is probably best used for emergency feeding of a sick animal, or with new hatchlings.


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