House Cricket (Achetus domesticus)  

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Rearing Container

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sweater box This is a 12 quart "sweater box"  container for rearing the crickets.


nesting boxes I place the nesting containers on top of my cage lights to keep warm. When I see the first hatchlings I place the nesting boxes in one of these containers to rear them to about 1/2 " size.


nesting box full  Inside view of rearing container; notice the water bottle, carrots, and egg crates.


bird waterer for babies Bird waterer/feeder with Velcro to keep it steady.



rearing container.jpg (153424 bytes) Outside view of rearing container.



supplies This is the whole REARING container set up. There are waxworm, and mealworm colonies in here as well. It is a seven drawer storage chest. the bottom 3 are deep (perfect for crickets) and the top 4 are shallow. of course you can use individual containers. I like this for convenience.


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