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Chameleon Husbandry FAQ's

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Can I use an aquarium for housing a chameleon?

What size should my cage be?

What should the enclosure be made of?

Why can't I use standard metal window screen?



What is UVB and why do chameleons require it?

Do I need a basking lamp or heat rock?



How much water do chameleons require?

How do I give them the water?

Can I use a waterfall for a water source?

Can I use tap water, or should I use distilled water?



How do I select the best chameleon for me?


Can I feed my chameleon insects from my yard?

What is the best food for a chameleon?


Sexing and Breeding

How do I know if I have a male or female chameleon?

How do I get my chameleon to breed?


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