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Natures Hidden Jewels Chameleons: Nature's Hidden JewelsLink will open in a new window.

Book Description: The English language edition of Chameleons was revised and translated from the very successful German language edition published in 1995. It introduces chameleons in all their beauty and curiosity and puts together a mosaic of "Chamaeleonology" through individual chapters written on the basis of modern herpetology and herpetoculture.  A complete bibliography containing a majority of available literature on chameleons is also included, along with more than 280 color photos and 45 black and white drawings and photos. "This book will always be remembered as a launching pad for all future work in the realm of chameleon research and the adventures we have, whether in the forest or the living room, with this diverse family of these saurian gems" (from the Foreword by Ronald L. Tremper).

Natures Hidden Jewels second edition Chameleons: Nature's Hidden Jewels (2nd Revised & Updated Edition)Link will open in a new window.

Book Description
The new and MASSIVELY revised and updated edition covers only the "true" chameleons.  Individual species accounts provide information on the identification, systematics, zoogeography, habitat, biology and when known the captive care of each form. Introductory chapters covering the systematics, origin, distribution, and habitats, biology, chameleons and human culture, and captive care of chameleons in general. Each species account provides scientific and common names, identification, systematics and zoogeography, climate and habitat, biology and captive care, and a list of literature cited and recommended reading. 430 color photos, 5 b/w photos, 48 drawings, 1 map, tables, and extensive bibliography. 380 pp. Hardcover *THIS IS THE THE COMPANION VOLUME TO "STUMP-TAILED CHAMELEONS, MINIATURE DRAGONS OF THE RAINFOREST" ISBN 1885209045

Natures Hidden Jewls Spanish Version Camaleones : las joyas ocultas de la naturalezaLink will open in a new window.Spanish Version

Descripción del libro: La edición de la lengua inglesa de camaleones fue revisada y traducida de la edición de lengua alemana muy acertada publicada en 1995. Introduce camaleones en toda su belleza y curiosidad y junta un mosaico de “Chamaeleonology” con los capítulos individuales escritos en base de herpetology y de herpetoculture modernos. Una bibliografía completa que contiene a una mayoría de literatura disponible en camaleones también se incluye, junto con más de 280 fotos del color y 45 dibujos y fotos blancos y negros. “Este libro será recordado siempre como una plataforma de lanzamiento para todo el trabajo futuro en el reino de la investigación del camaleón y las aventuras que tenemos, si en el bosque o la sala de estar, con esta familia diversa de estas gemas saurian” (de la advertencia de Ronald L. Tremper)

Stump Tailed Chameleons Stump-tailed Chameleons: Miniature Dragons of the RainforestLink will open in a new window.

Book Description
At first glance, many readers will likely be surprised to find a book that exclusively features stump-tailed (or dwarf) chameleons! Most of us are acquainted with their close relatives, the gaudy colored true chameleons, because of their extensive use in advertising and the large number of publications in which they appear. The majority of people think they know these creatures, yet hardly anyone provides accurate information (they have only heard of their over-emphasized color change or their feeding apparatus, their fantastic tongue). ...  Petr Necas and Wolfgang Schmidt provide a wealth of information on the biology, systematics, and captive husbandry of stump-tailed chameleons... With over 260 color photos and 256 pages a true achievement that will give all needed information for hobbyists and scientists alike.

Amphibians And Reptiles Of The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan: An Atlas And Field Guide Amphibians And Reptiles Of The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan: An Atlas And Field Guide by Ahmad M. Disi, David Modry, Petr Necas and Lina Rifai (2001) A beautifully done first publication on amphibians and reptiles of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In addition to the species accounts there is a chapter covering the geography and climate, biogeography, historic and present herpetological research, observing and collecting specimens, relationship in the cultural heritage, status and conservation, and venomous snakes and snakebite. Each of the species account includes scientific and common names, systematics, general and local distribution, habitat, biological notes and references. 260 full-color photographs, b/w photographs and illustrations, keys, distribution maps, 408 pp.


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Czech recent and fossil amphibians and reptiles Czech recent and fossil amphibians and reptiles: An atlas and field guideLink will open in a new window.

Book Description
Nicely done guide to the herpetofauna of the Czech Republic. Individual species accounts provide scientific and common names, detailed descriptions, distribution, habitat, biology, and conservation status for all 30 species known to occur in the country. Includes a brief review of the fossil amphibians and reptiles known from the area, and the history of Czech herpetology. 123 color photos, b/w drawings, distribution maps, and illustrated species I.D. key.


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