These are interesting picture scramble puzzles. The pictures are scrambled into a varying number of square pieces. The top row are the easy level, the middle row are medium difficulty, and the bottom row are ...forget it.



Click on any image above to open that puzzle in a new window. In the puzzle window click on the image to scramble the puzzle. Drag and drop to move a tile. Click on any blank area in the window to automatically solve the puzzle. When you mouse-over the picture look in your status bar at the description of the puzzle. First you see the name of the puzzle. Next is the picture size i.e. 320X500. Then you will see the number of columns X the number of rows in the puzzle. The higher these two numbers are, the more difficult the puzzle will be. The last thing in the description is the file size. 

Photo credits: Andy and Janette Beveridge, Carl Cattau, Jr., Egon Weikamp, Susan James, Linda Connaughton, Trevor Dell, Diane Rassmusson, and David Pickering

Download original chameleon jigsaw puzzles and screen savers

Game courtesy of Xin Yang

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