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1) What is the smallest "Old World" chameleon?

a) Brookesia tinytimia
b) Brookesia antakarana
c) Brookesia stumpffi
d) Brookesia minima

2) What is the world's most common religion?

a) Christianity
b) Buddhism
c) Hinduism
d) Muslim

3) Which city ranks as the world's most populous city (2002)?

a) New York (US)
b) Mexico City (Mexico)
c) Tokyo (Japan)
d) Shanghai (China)

4) What is the second largest country (in size) in the world?

a) USA
b) China
c) Canada
d) Russia

5) As of January 2003, how much is Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates's net worth?

a) 10 million US
b) 10 billion US
c) 35 billion US
d) 50 billion US

6) Which country below is not one of the members of the UN security council (Jan 2003)?

a) USA
b) China
c) Germany
d) France

7) The longest river in the world is:

a) Amazon (Brazil)
b) Nile (Egypt)
c) Yangtze (China)
d) Congo (Zaire)

8) Which software firm is the second largest in the world, after Microsoft?

a) Netscape
b) Oracle
c) Lotus
d) Norton

9) What's the world's most widely spoken language?

a) English
b) Spanish
c) Mandarin
d) French

10) Which continent is host to the most countries in the world?

a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe

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