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Page last updated on Sunday March 29, 2009

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This award opened August 15, 2003. It was closed for a couple of years and is now up and running again. Take a look at some of the winners of the retired POTZChammy with Medal award also. The standards were similar.  Looking at the winners of the award can be a great source of ideas and it serves as a gauge of how your site stacks up. Please do not "borrow" anything without permission. When you are done looking at winners, come back here and click on me at the bottom of the page. We'll go to the next page you need to see.


Gold Header

An Italian. My Streets January 2004


January 2004
About Korea February 2004
Here There Be Mice... November 2007
Salamanders Young Burn Survivors February 2008
Tim's Spider Corner June 2008
World Paper Currency Gallery September 2008
Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery March 2009
Hugs R Us March 2009
The Art Of Herb Sellin March 2009


Silver Header

ELAC - LLC January 2004
Casson Enterprises January 2004
Lincoln District Scout Band January 2004
Ruffness January 2004
iZazu..Just for You! January 2004
Qrendi Scout Group - Malta January 2004
MySiquijor January 2008
World Paper Currency Gallery February 2008
Nancy Koran May 2008
Atlantis Revealed June 2008
Shakatan Boxers June 2008
Waidangong Introduction August 2008
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II August 2008
NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn August 2008
Katarzyna Zelaska September 2008
UNOstamps September 2008
Pedal Prayers September 2008
Mr Young's Reading Room October 2008
Keyboards For Christ (upgrade) November 2008
La Luna's World of Flash November 2008
SPW Books November 2008
Marcella's Pen Calligraphy March 2009


Bronze header

Scatacook District January 2004
Dee's Dream World January 2004
CyberSoft January 2004
Knowledge College Tutors January 2004
Design Forward January 2004
The Compleat Heretic April 2008
Keyboards For Christ (upgrade) June 2008
Great Tew Village August 2008
The Aris Christofellis Voice Page November 2008
Randal's Sanctuary (upgrade) March 2009
Understanding the World Today March 2009


Merit Header

Hangtide' Heart n Soul January 2004
Keyboards For Christ December 2007
Randal's Sanctuary September 2008


Outta Site AP Header



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