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Last updated: Monday, April 27, 2009

All nominations received by April 26th, 2009 have been reviewed and site owners have been notified of their status codes. .

Within 7 days of nomination, you should receive an e-mail with a confidential site code number. Your site's code should appear on the chart below. If you have applied and your site does not appear on this chart within seven days, contact me to confirm that I have received your application. Any information submitted to this site will be used for the exclusive purpose of evaluating and presenting this award. See my privacy policy.

Under normal circumstances, sites are reviewed within 60 days of the date received. Any changes to the time deadlines will be posted on the main page and the application status page.

Any site receiving a Merit award or that scores below 65 may re-apply no less than 60 days after notification is received. If you are awarded a gold, silver or bronze award, you may re-apply for a level increase 30 days from your award notification date, but only after improvements are made.

If you receive an award, you will receive notification and your award via e-mail, and you will find your site on the "Award Winners" page under the applicable level. The status column will have the code corresponding to the award earned.

If you applied and were notified that you did not earn an award, the chart below will contain an  NQ# code. For specific explanations of NQ codes visit the NQ Page. You may contact the judge for feedback ONLY. There is no appeals process and decisions on awards are final. I will not reply to any request for appeal.

Information on this chart will be removed 30 days after the status date. Sites judged "Not Qualified" will have NQ and a number. Go to the NQ Page for an explanation of the number and a link to more information.

Pending Not Qualified Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Merit
Your Code e-mailed Date Rcvd Initial Visit Eval Visit Status Status Date
1220RS 03/21/2009 12/20/08 12/21/08 03/27/09 B 03/29/09
1223UW 03/21/2009 12/23/08 12/27/08 03/27/09 B 03/29/09
1226US 03/21/2009 12/26/08 12/30/08 03/28/09 NQ6,NQ16 03/29/09
0104TC 03/21/2009 01/04/09 01/08/09 03/28/09 G 03/29/09
0110MP 03/21/2009 01/10/09 01/12/09 03/29/09 S 03/29/09
0201LS 03/21/2009 02/01/09 02/07/09 03/29/09 G 03/29/09
0208GP 03/21/2009 02/08/09 02/12/09 03/29/09 PL 03/29/09
0309TK 03/21/2009 03/09/09 03/09/09 03/29/09 NQ6, NQ2 03/29/09
0321HS 03/21/2009 03/21/09 03/21/09 03/29/09 G 03/29/09
0324RP 03/24/2009 03/24/09 03/24/09 03/29/09 NQ6, NQ2 03/29/09
0427AT 04/27/2009 04/27/09 04/27/09 04/27/09 NQ1 04/27/09

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