Webmaster Tutorial

Chameleon's Eye Award Quick Check

Quick Check ChammyHi, I see you made it to the "Quick Check" page. Good. Let's see if your site can pass these criteria before we move on to the more specific stuff. When you are done checking everything on this page click on me at the bottom of the page and we will move on together.



If you can not answer YES to each, your site is not yet qualified for this award. Please make the necessary changes and come back.

Are you over 18 years of age? 
Are you the webmaster or site owner?
Has credit been given to the original author of any material not written by the webmaster and permission obtained to use such material?
Does your site have a minimum of 5 pages of content excluding guest books, table of contents, links pages, awards pages, privacy policy, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and copyright pages?
Is your site more than just a "portal" site?
If your site is a commercial site, do you offer more than the services for sale such as tutorials, care sheets, free graphics...? Is your site more than a commercial for your product?
Site is not an unofficial fan club site
Does your site have an English version? Online translation software is insufficient, inconvenient, and inadequate for more than one page.
Your site does not have ANY adult material or links to adult material?
Your site does not contain any violent or hateful content or links to violent or hateful content?
Your site does not contain any illegal activity or links to it?
Your site does not REQUIRE me to download cursors, fonts, or viewers? Please make them optional.



Here's where you get points:

Does the content reflect knowledge of and passion for the subject?
Does the site have a stated purpose?
Does the site achieve the stated purpose?
Do you have any original, accurate, and educational material?
Do you have a prominent, organized display area on your site for the awards you have received?
Will I say "WOW !!! I didn't know that" about the content on your site, meaning is it interesting and new material?
YES NO Here's where you lose points:

Any misspelled words?

(5 pages tested at random)

Poor grammar, and punctuation (some latitude for translated sites)


Continuity and Navigation


Here's where you get points:

Is there a theme, meaning continuity from page to page?
Did you provide text link navigation at the bottom of every page?
Do you have clear navigational options on each and every page?
Does your site have a site map?
Does the material belong on the website? Does it fit the theme, or leave you wondering why is it in there?
YES NO Here's where you lose points:
Will I have to THINK to navigate your site?
Do external links open in the current window?
Are internal links opened in new windows without a detectable purpose?
Do you rely on the browser's "Back" button for navigation anywhere other than thumbnail enlargements?




Do you have any "Sticky" content, I.E., news feeds, polls, greeting cards...?


Eye Appeal

Here's where you get points:

Does your site have an appealing look?
Do the colors and fonts used create good visual appeal?
Do the colors, fonts and graphics set a tone coordinated with the material presented?
YES NO Here's where you lose points:
Do you have flashing text, improper use of capitals, trailing cursors?


Nuts and Bolts

Here's where you get points:

All links function properly
Internal links open in same window unless there is clearly a reason why

External links open in new window

YES NO Here's where you lose points:
Do you have a "flash" type start page without a "skip" link?
Do you have music or sound effects that last more than 10 seconds without a way for the surfer to turn them off?
Is horizontal scrolling necessary at 800x600 screen resolution?
Do you have automatic pop-up windows that are not required by your server?


Chammy downwardI hope you have made any adjustments needed. Now let's "dig in" to the "Specific Scoring" page. Aww," dig in", that reminds me of mommy when she buried my egg. I'm getting all teary-eyed now. O.K. Let's get going.


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