Webmaster Tutorial

The Process

First, determine that your site is eligible. This is accomplished by verifying that it meets the "General Criteria" from the left menu.

Next, complete the "Quick Check" from the right menu.

Then, select and complete one of the available self tests to check your site against the specific criteria.

After that, I recommended that you fill in the "Checklist" on the right menu to see if there is something that may help make your site Chameleon Eye Ready.

Finally, once you have determined that your site meets this AP's criteria, you will then be asked to fill out an application (see my privacy policy).

Within 14 days of application you will receive an e-mail containing your assigned confidential numeric code. This code will be placed on the "Application Status Chart." I will make a preliminary visit to your site to establish eligibility. If eligible your site will be re-visited for a complete evaluation. Your status will be updated on the Status Chart as the visits warrant. Only the individual site owner and I will know what site is represented by the code. All applicants receive notification upon complete review of their site. If your site does not receive an award, you may e-mail the judge for feedback, but please check the Application Status Chart first. You will find NQ# codes that explain why your site was not accepted. Should you not receive an award or wish to upgrade, you may re-apply 60 days after your original application date.





Chammy  Now follow me to the General Criteria page and let's make sure your site meets those.


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