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I will notify all applicants via e-mail when a decision is made. After I receive your application you will be sent an e-mail with a numeric code assigned to your site. This code will be posted on the "Application Status Chart".  If your site does not appear on the chart within fourteen days contact me for the status. Under normal circumstances, sites are reviewed within 60 days of the date received. Any changes to the time deadlines will be posted on the main page and the application status page. After review, if your site was not selected for an award, your code on the status chart will reflect this and the NQ# will give more information about the decision. You will receive an e-mail with the NQ code as well. You may re-apply 60 days from the "date received" on the chart.  If your site is not awarded an award  you may contact me via e-mail for more detailed feedback and instructions on possible improvements. There is no appeals process. This feedback is to help when it is time for you to re-apply. Decisions are final and you must wait the 60 day waiting period to re-apply.






Chammy  Let's see what we can do if your site did not quite measure up to the criteria after you applied, or if you have made major changes and wish to re-apply.


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