Webmaster Tutorial

Mission Statement

It is my mission and the mission of this award program to make the internet a better place by locking my eyes on one site at a time, evaluating the site and either suggesting changes or praising sites that meet my expectations. Through the application process, a site has the opportunity to make adjustments and improvements suggested in the criteria in their preparation for the award. With vigilance and persistence, I will constantly improve my site, and my award program. As all of the applications I have submitted, and award forums I have enjoyed have provided guidance to me, I shall strive to provide guidance to others.  Improvements in my award program should lead the way for others seeking awards and recognition for their hard work.

It is my goal to be the best web designer I can be. To achieve this, I must constantly seek new ideas and methods. This is a quickly growing and vastly changing new medium, and I want to be a part of it. The Internet has become as fundamental to our civilization as past inventions such as the airplane or telephone. Today, if a business does not have a ".com" they are not connecting with a huge portion of their potential customer base. I want to be poised to play a part in the further growth of this already powerful communications medium. I see a day in the not too distant future , when the Internet will replace nearly all forms of communication used today. Television and videophones are available over the 'Net.  One can grocery shop, shop for mortgages, houses, automobiles, and , well,  you name it.








Chammy All right.  Let's take a quick look at the whole process.


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