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Meet Chammy


Hi. I'm Chammy. I will serve as your guide through this award program. We'll look at the award's purpose, the process, and see some ideas to help win the award. People say I have eyes in the back of my head so I do not miss much. HA HAA, I love that joke. Oh well, I guess you had to be there. I helped design this award, so I know my way around here. If you let me, I will help you find what you need. For the best chance to earn an award please be sure to read each page carefully and when you have finished just click on me at the bottom of the page and I will take you where you need to go next.




Anyway, you came to get an award so read on...

.Chammy Introduction

Can somebody get this Award, please....It's getting heavy.







 Psst- Here's a Tip:  

If you must, browse thru the site first then come back here and follow me through the application Chammy tipprocess. If you are following me, and drift off course, I strongly suggest that you come back here and move through the pages with me. Good Luck. The best sites win.












Chammy  Next let's learn about the award's purpose.


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