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Award Graphics

I've had my eye on this page for a loooong time  (at least one eye anyway... It's a jungle outChammy looking over medals here and you've got to watch your back too.). So... you have arrived at the awards graphics page. Hopefully, this means that you have read all of the criteria, completed the self-test,  and feel that your site is appealing to the Chameleon's Eye. Look at these beautiful graphics. Brings a tear to my...  ha ha- oh come on now. That was funny. Well look them over with your own eyes then find me at the bottom of the page.



Chameleon's Eye Award Platinum Chameleon's Eye Award Gold Chameleon's Eye Award Silver
Platinum 98 + Points Gold 97-90 Points Silver 89-80 Points
154 X 113 pixels 10.2KB 154 X 113 pixels 10.3KB 154 X 113 pixels 9.03KB
Chameleon's Eye Award Bronze   Chameleon's Eye Award Merit
Bronze 79-70 Points Merit 65-69 Points
154 X 113 pixels 9.76KB 154 X 113 pixels 10.1KB

Chameleon's Eye Award Outta Site AP

For stand alone

Award Programs

Minimum 65
154 X 113 pixels 9.86KB
Each award graphic is custom made to show the site's name. Some slight adjustments to the width of the graphic may be necessary to fit your website's name on the name plate.






Hanging in ChammyHang in there. We're almost done. Let's see  some of the application statistics .   Are you ready for this? Well AAAALL RIGHTY then. Let's go.


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