Webmaster Tutorial

General criteria for website selection:

Who can nominate a site?

Any  webmaster or site owner over the age of 18 may nominate their site if it is in English.

What sites are eligible?

Any site in English, not containing any of the below disqualifiers, and that serves to educate and entertain visitors can be judged. Babel Fish and other translator sites are not sufficient. Please do not submit a site that does not have a complete English version.

Are stand alone Award Programs eligible?

Effective August 11th, 2008 I will evaluate stand alone Award Programs for the Chameleon's Eye "Outta Site Award Program" Award. Stand Alone AP's that score 65 or higher (the minimum points for the Merit Level Chameleon's Eye Award) are eligible. Since the Chameleon's Eye Award is offered for educating in an entertaining manner, the stand alone AP's must offer a considerable amount of tutorial/instructional content to be considered. Content points for this award will be derived from that content.

Some good points your site should have

  • The site should have a stated purpose and should accomplish that purpose.

  • It should be entertaining and educational.

  • The content and/or presentation should pique my interest and leave me wanting more. This does not mean it has to be a topic that interests me, but the way it is presented should be interesting.

  • There should be smooth and easy navigation through the pages. Complicated navigation may be cool to look at and be fun to play with, but it can be difficult to use.

  • Links to the home page and a site map on every page are very useful.

  • There should be some interactive pages, not all static pages.

  • Graphics text and backgrounds should be appealing to look at, not an eyesore. Excessive use of animated graphics is distracting and annoying, no matter how cute they may be.

  • Free services if it is a commercial site. It should offer free graphics, tutorials, care sheets, tips, etc...

Some things your site should not have

  •  Any "under construction" or  "coming soon" pages. Over the past ten years this site has never stopped growing and is always "under construction". Most good websites are. It can be very frustrating to see a link to information you are interested in on the site, click the link, and get "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".

  • Any broken links.

  • Any copyright infringements. You must have permission to use any material not designed by you and you must credit the original source on your site. No WAREZ or music and/or file swapping sites. 

  • Right click disabled - Viewing the source code is useful for verification of copyright infringement (many free scripts require leaving a copyright statement and link to their site in the coding. Most "No Right Click" scripts are easily bypassed with a click of the center mouse button followed by a click of the right button, or using view source from the browser menu.

  • Trailing cursors, scrolling marquees, scrolling status bar, or other distracting "moving parts" including overuse of animated graphics.

  • Control of my controls. This is not "The Outer Limits". Do not take control of my computer monitor. I like my browser controls just the way I have them set up. Please do not take my address window, menu bar, or status bar from me.

Disqualifiers - Finding any of these will end the evaluation

  • Any adult content 

  • Any LINKS TO: adult content, inflammatory or derogatory sites, offensive or objectionable material, or illegal activity.

  • Any inflammatory or derogatory sites. No offensive or objectionable material. No one-sided political content. Not everyone agrees on issues of politics and religion and in order to prevent the impression of favoring a particular view, this AP will not "promote" sites that only express or unfavorably express only one side of these topics.

  • Any illegal activity.

  • Sites that only contain a listserve/group, forum or chat room, or collection of links. There needs to be original educational content.

  • Sites which require evaluators to join in order to view them are not eligible.

  • Sites that use a scrolling text in the status bar. I like to see where I'm going before I leave a page.

  • Password protected or memberships required sites. Password or membership required sections are permitted if there is enough content in the public area of the site.

  • Sites that exist only to sell a product or service, or that contain only forums, or only link collections are not eligible for either award.

For complete criteria and scoring see Specific Criteria and Scoring (It is recommended that you follow Chammy thru the process and not skip ahead)

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