Webmaster Tutorial

Application Checklist

49 Georges Did I mention that I have 49 brothers and sisters? And mom thought George Foreman had trouble naming his kids, you know, George, George, George, and George. Anyway, how 'bout those recommended resources? Whoa lots of great stuff there. This page is really simple. Did you do all of the previous pages? You know the drill. When you're done here, find me at the bottom of the page and I'll lead you to our next destination.

Application Checklist

Completed ABOUT THE AWARD Section
Completed Quick Check
Read Specific Criteria
Completed Self Test
Viewed Winners Sites
Read Resources
Made all adjustments to site


Chammy Twins Hey are you following me? Get off my tail. Back off George. Click on me so I can lose this guy then we can fill out the application for the award. "EYE" can't wait to SEE them, get it? Yea, yea, O.K. Let's go.


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