Classifications based on C. Klaver  & W. Bœhme


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Click on a BLUE bordered box for more details. 'FAMILY Chamaeleonidae' Chameleons (click) 'SUBFAMILY Brookesiinae' False Chameleons (click) 'SUBFAMILY Chamaeleoninae' True Chameleons (click) 'GENUS Brookesia' 27 Species - including subspecies (click) 'GENUS Chamaeleo' see subgenus for species numbers (click) 'GENUS Bradypodion' 28 Species - including subspecies (click) 'GENUS Furcifer' 21 Species - including subspecies (click) 'GENUS Calumma' 30 Species - including subspecies (click) 'SUBGENUS Chamaeleo' 32 species including subspecies (click) 'SUBGENUS Trioceros' 46 species including subspecies (click) 'ORDER Chelonia' 225 Species - Tortoises, Terrapins, Turtles (no click) 'Iguana LINE' Iguanidae (iguanas), Agamidae (agamids), and Chamaeleonidae (chamaleons) (no click) 'INFRAORDER Sauria' Iguana, Gecko, Skink, and Anguid (no click) 'SUBORDER Lizards' Sauria (no click) 'ORDER Crocodilia' 21 Species - Crocodile, Alligator, Gavial (no click) 'ORDER Rynchocephalia' 1 Species - Tuatara (click for more info) 'GENUS Rhampholeon' 17 Species - including subspecies (click) 'ORDER Squamata' 5750 Species - includes Snakes, Amphisbaenians, and Lizards (no click) 'CLASS Reptilia' 6000+/- Species (no click) Family tree

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