Bradypodion dracomontanum

KINGDOM: Animalia (animals)

   PHYLUM: Cordata (chordates)

      CLASS: Reptilia (reptiles)

          ORDER: Squamata (scaled reptiles)

              FAMILIES: snakes, warm lizards, lizards

                    LIZARD SUBFAMILY: Sauria

                        SAURIA INFRAORDER: 

                           Anguimorpha (angid); Gekkota (gecko); Iguania (iguana); Scincomorpha (skink)

                               IGUANIA DIVISIONS: 

                                   Agamids; Iguanids; Chameleonids

                                     CHAMAELEONIDAE FAMILY:

                                         Subfamily Chamaeleoninae (True Chameleons)

                                             Genus Bradypodion ("slow-footed")

Bradypodion dracomontanum


Drakensberg Range (RSA)

Republic of South Africa


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Common Name: none
Name Translation: of Drakensberg (Dragon) Mountains
Synonyms: none
Discovered: Raw, 1976
Size: small  20 cm or 8 inches
Sexual Dimorphism: Males display a green-bluish coloration with some white tubercles, and light yellow spots at the throat and abdomen. Female coloration is mostly green and brown with some white spots.
Parity: ovoviviparous   
Description: These have small, granular scales on their sides and a few conical scales. Their casque is medium-sized, bent backwards and has remarkable cranial crests. The gular crest consists of 10-18 square skin flaps. The dorsal crest consists of 39-49 small, conical scales and continues to the tail, which is longer than the SVL of the animal. Total length is about six inches and SVL is less than 3 inches.


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