Bradypodion carpenteri

KINGDOM: Animalia (animals)

   PHYLUM: Cordata (chordates)

      CLASS: Reptilia (reptiles)

          ORDER: Squamata (scaled reptiles)

              FAMILIES: snakes, warm lizards, lizards

                    LIZARD SUBFAMILY: Sauria

                        SAURIA INFRAORDER: 

                           Anguimorpha (angid); Gekkota (gecko); Iguania (iguana); Scincomorpha (skink)

                               IGUANIA DIVISIONS: 

                                   Agamids; Iguanids; Chameleonids

                                     CHAMAELEONIDAE FAMILY:

                                         Subfamily Chamaeleoninae (True Chameleons)

                                             Genus Bradypodion ("slow-footed")

Bradypodion carpenteri


Ruwenzori Mtns., 

W. Uganda,

Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Africa  distribution map

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Common Name: none
Name Translation: of carpenter
Synonyms: Chamaeleo carpenteri
Discovered: Parker, 1929
Size: small  30 cm or 12 inches
Sexual Dimorphism: The canthus rostralis become pointed bifurcated appendices on males.
Parity: oviparous  
Description: These have giant casques  and curved parietal crest. The canthus rostralis become pointed bifurcated appendices on males. This  species has heterogenous squamation


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