Bradypodion adolfifriderici

KINGDOM: Animalia (animals)

   PHYLUM: Cordata (chordates)

      CLASS: Reptilia (reptiles)

          ORDER: Squamata (scaled reptiles)

              FAMILIES: snakes, warm lizards, lizards

                    LIZARD SUBFAMILY: Sauria

                        SAURIA INFRAORDER: 

                           Anguimorpha (angid); Gekkota (gecko); Iguania (iguana); Scincomorpha (skink)

                               IGUANIA DIVISIONS: 

                                   Agamids; Iguanids; Chameleonids

                                     CHAMAELEONIDAE FAMILY:

                                         Subfamily Chamaeleoninae (True Chameleons)

                                             Genus Bradypodion ("slow-footed")

Bradypodion adolfifriderici


Rwanda, Uganda, E. Zaire



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Common Name: none
Name Translation: of Adolf Friderick
Synonyms: Chamaeleo adolfifrederici
Discovered: Sternfeld, 1912
Size: small  20 cm or 8 inches
Sexual Dimorphism: unknown
Parity: oviparous
Description: Has a short snout and weakly elevated casque. Displays isolated conical tubercles on the parietal and lateral crest. Colors are limited to faint green when triumphant in battle, dark when angry, and forest green with black spots in a normal state. 
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