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Award # 080
Date received: 03/28/08
Awarded: Eberline's Web Award
Website Title: Eberline's Web AwardLink will open in a new window.
Webmaster: Anita Eberline

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Evaluators Comments / Laudation:This link opens in a new window. Eberline's Web Award

Greetings from Eberline's Web Awards,

I appreciate your interest in Eberline's Web Awards and thank you for your application.

I'm pleased to announce that your website has been accepted to receive my Merit Award.

While I was evaluating your website I found the content to be interesting and informative, and the website itself to be constructed well.  I commend you for helping to make the Internet a safer and better place for all.

Thank you so much for sharing your website with me and the rest of the world. ;-)

Anita Eberline
Eberline's Web Awards

Rated with:
Award Sites! 4.0
WebAwards 4.0
Awards Treasure Chest 3.0
F.R.I. Index 3.0
IAGA 4.0


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