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Award # 076
Date received: 03/25/08
Awarded: Reptilien Award Exquisite
Website Title: Franzi's Reptilien Award ProgramLink will open in a new window.
Webmaster: Franz Boigner

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I.W.A.R.A. Rating Elite 4   /    IWARA and the IWARA  Certified Evaluator Program is closed on the 1.April 2008.

This link opens in a new window. Reptilien Award Exquisite

Evaluators Comments / Laudation:

Hello David !
Congratulation to the Reptiles Exquisite Award !

Dear David !

Thank You for Your interest in Franzi´s Reptil Awardprogram and inviting me to visit Your site! It gives me great pleasure to award you my Reptiles Exquisite Award. I found your site to be very enjoyable and the navigation easy to get around. Wishing you much success and thank you for making the www a better place to visit. Your skills in the art are truly a gift for the people.
Evaluation result: 90 points

Description: Nice presentation with easy to use navigation, good graphics and use of white space. Excellent information on Chameleons with resources, games for visitors, links and an Award Program.

Regards, Franz Boigner - Vienna, 25. March 2008

Regards, Franz Boigner !
Franzi´s Reptilien Awardprogramm:
Belgica Excellence Index: Rating 8,0

F.R.I. Rating Level 5
DAI Rating Level 5
A.W.A.R.D. Rating Level 5,0
WSAPTRONIC Award-Index Level 5
I.W.A.R.A.  Elite- Rating Level 4,0
Award Sites: Rating Level 4,0
APIRS: Rating Level 3.0
ATC: Rating Level 5,0
Web Award Rating Index: Rating Level 4
Astral Peer
Ethics Pledge Member
Apex Member
I.W.A.R.A.-Certified Evaluator
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