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Award # 075
Date received: 03/25/08
Awarded: Peliqita Gold
Website Title: Peliqita PersiansLink will open in a new window.
Webmaster: Susan MacArthur

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IEP International Ethics Program



Evaluators Comments / Laudation:

Hi David:This link opens in a new window. Pelaquita Gold

Congratulations.  Attached to this email is our "Gold" award.  
Thank you very much for applying for our award and giving us the honor of evaluating your site. 
Absolutely a fascinating site with ease of navigation, nice graphics, and good loading times. Loads of information on chameleons, games, resources and links, and an Award Program.  This web site is still growing and evolving and clearly a labor of love for this owner.  A site well done.
Susan MacArthur
Pelaqita Persians Award Program
APIRS Level 4
ATC Level 4
AWARD Level 4.0
B.E.I 8.5
Diskus Level 4
F.R.I. Level 4
UWSAG Level 4.0
WA Level 44
Firestarter Award Evaluator
Franzi's Reptilien Award Evaluator
ATC Ethics Pledge Member
Ethics Pledge Member
International Ethics Program Member
Apex Evaluation Member
Apex Member