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This link opens in a new window. Sandpiper's Award for WisdomHello David!!!
First of all, thanks for applying for my award. I have visited your website on my office Mac with an Internet Explorer 5 browser but unfortunately the result was very disappointing. For example, the mouse-over titles for the links don't work: all I get are blue squares with no text on them. I guess I will have to see the site again with my home PC. This is not a criticism of your work, but I thought i should let you know that people using a certain type of browsers might have problems.
The "virtualave" sites are my very least favorite to visit because of all those annoying pop up windows. I use a free server as well, but at least Angelfire gives you some options to manage those banners and make the less obnoxious. But then again, this is not something that you can control, so I
won't hold that against you.
Your site itself is very interesting and you DO have some great close-up pictures of chameleons. You obviously also like javascript effects which can be a little bit overwhelming at times, but all in all, the site is well done and out of the ordinary. So...I'm happy to send you the requested award and since you obviously like it, the special Sandpiper Award. I have also added you to my winner's list.
Please link the awards back to my site at:
Thanks again for your interest and keep up the good work!!!