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Evaluators Comments / Laudation:

This link opens in a new window. ERAust 7Thank-you for submitting your site for the ERAust site award. We are pleased to announce that your site has received a rating of 7.

A great site. It uses a good layout. Is easy to read and navigate. The site has:

- Original Presentation - Original Content - No HTML errors - And no under construction banners

A couple of points where the site could be improved:

- Some indication of screen size to use to obtain the most from the site.

- A written email address, not just a link. Very useful for people with web based email

- Image/graphic file optimization. The JPEG image tested by ERAust "emailbut2.jpg" was easily reduced from 1.91KB down to 1.58KB. Please find attached with your award ERAust's version of the file named "emailbut2a.jpg".

- Colour co-ordination, blue text on a black back ground can be difficult to read on some monitors

Keep up the good work. Placing the award on your site will qualify your site to be listed in the ERAust Hall of Fame.

Andrew Butler

Electronic Reproductions Australia