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It is the purpose of this website to entertain and educate you about OLD WORLD CHAMELEONS. "Old World Chameleons" are members of the family Chamaeleonidae. They possess several unique characteristics from their lightning fast and laser precise tongue, to their independently turreted eyes with nearly 360 degree vision. Their prehensile tails act as a fifth leg giving them greater reach in their travels through the trees. These factors coupled with their unmatched ability to change color as their environment warrants lends these fascinating creatures to many myths and legends.

To date, our visitors have  come from over 85 countries (click to view their flagsFlags of visitors).  This demonstrates the tremendous worldwide interest these unique creatures generate. I am amazed each time I review the stats and find this site has had visitors from another country or two, some I do not even recognize.

Many years ago before I began working on this site, the internet was either a limited resource for those who created it or just a fancy toy for those who could afford computers. When I purchased my first chameleon, I tried to gain as much knowledge on the subject as possible. I purchased the only magazine and book that I could find. Shortly after that chameleon died due to bad advice given by the pet store, I searched out the subject on the internet. I found a few sites with conflicting information and lots of opinion based advice. Back then you really had to know how to search and where to go. Today you can do almost anything through the internet from buying a car to finding a life partner or paying bills. A Google search for Jackson's chameleons for example, today turns up thousands of pages. I have links to many of the better ones on this site. Because of this my purpose has slightly shifted. While I still have pages and pages of care and general information about chameleons, I now want to focus on displaying their beauty and grace through photo contributions by chameleon owners. I want to leave you in awe as most who come into contact with these creatures are.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In CYBERSPACE a picture is worth 1 thousand to over 250 thousand bytes. Photo contributions are the heart of this website and far and away the best section. If you have original chameleon photographs and would like them added to this site there are many links provided to help do just that. So... if you own a chameleon get your water bottle ready and give him/her a quick shower while you browse the site. I'm sure he or she will appreciate it, and if you don't own one YET, take a minute to dream about the one you would like.

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Oh yea, there's lots of fun and games here, too. Some chameleon related, some not.

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